S├ębastien Lahaie — Mentoring

I have been fortunate to work with many outstanding students over their summer internships at Yahoo and Microsoft. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email and also be sure to fill in an application (including reference letters) through Microsoft's online system. Applications are usually received by December and selections are made by the following February.

Past Interns

  • Elaine Wah (U. Michigan, now at IEX). An empirical game-theoretic analysis of price discovery in prediction markets. Microsoft Research, Summer 2016.

  • Christian Kroer (Carnegie Mellon). Arbitrage-free combinatorial market making via integer programming. Microsoft Research, Summer 2016.

  • Hoda Heidari (U. Penn). Integrating market makers, limit orders, and continuous trade in prediction markets. Microsoft Research, Summer 2014.

  • Erik Zawadzki (CMU, now at Facebook). Nonparametric scoring rules. Microsoft Research, Summer 2014.

  • Mohammad Akbarpour (Stanford, now at Stanford GSB). The generalized second-price auction with extensions. Microsoft Research, Summer 2013.

  • Nisarg Shah (CMU). Neutrality and geometry of mean voting. Microsoft Research, Summer 2013.

  • Quang Duong (U. Michigan, now at Google). Discrete choice models of bidder behavior in sponsored search. Yahoo Research, Summer 2011.

  • Eric Sodomka (Brown, now at Facebook). A predictive model for advertiser value-per-click in sponsored search. Yahoo Research, Fall 2010.